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Welcome to C.H.A.R.T Teen Task Force

Each year in Northeast Missouri, more than 100 babies are born to teenage mothers. If those numbers startle you, consider this - they could be higher! But since 1995, a coalition of dedicated volunteers came together to address the problem of a rising teen birth rate. This group – the CHART (Community Health Assistance Resource Team) Teen Task Force (CTTF) - has been a leader in lowering the number of births to teens. Our original goal was to decrease the number of unintended teen pregnancies by 1/3 from 1995 to 2005. This goal was met and exceeded in 2003.  But there is much more to be done.

We have a clear VISION -- A healthy community with no unplanned teen pregnancies and no sexually transmitted diseases.

Our MISSION is to provide teens with the information to make responsible informed decisions about their sexuality. Education is the key, but that is easier said than done. CHART works to build self-esteem, offers role-playing, facilitates responsible decisions and encourages communication within families about sexuality issues.

Our current GOALS are:

 Ø  Decrease the sexually transmitted disease rate 2% a year (As measured by the number of Chlamydia cases)

Ø  Continue the reduction of teen birth rate by 2 births each year in Northeast Missouri

Ø  Increase the percentage of youth aged 10 to 18 who have discussed human sexuality with their parents to at least 85%.

Ø  By 2009 have less than 100 births to teens per year in the CTTF seven county area


The CHART Teen Task Force continues working to accomplish these goals. We offer a variety of free community educational programs in our seven county region (The region includes Marion, Ralls, Pike, Shelby, Monroe, Lewis, and Clark counties). Programs are carried out two venues: 1) schools and 2) in the community.

CHART realizes that it takes an entire community working together to help our teenagers. That is why it has collaborated with multiple groups including the County Health Departments, Hannibal Regional Hospital, University of Missouri Extension, Northeast Missouri Community Action Corporation, Caring Communities, the Northeast Missouri County Medical Society, school nurses, teachers, teens, and parents.

About Us

The CHART Teen Task Force is a non-profit corporation.  We are guided by a five person Board of Directors comprised of members from several counties. Together, they direct a dedicated coalition of community volunteers and one paid staff person. Funding for all of our community prevention work comes from grants and donations. CTTF has been an agency with the United Way of the Mark Twain Area since 1997.

CHART Teen Task Force has been honored both at the state and national level for its efforts to stop unintended teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention selected CTTF as an Outstanding Local Coalition and they has been the recipient of the Missouri Governor Award for Community Health Leadership twice and runner up once.